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Classical Dance Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado


La Danse Classique is proud to offer a program of dance education for students of all ages in classical ballet & other dance arts.

After careful consideration, LDC has chosen to adopt the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet training to provide the student with a solid foundation in dance based in knowledge, technique, & artistry.

LDC considers the dancer as an artist with the body of an athlete. As in any athletic program to achieve proficiency in dance, the student is required to study a minimal number of hours per week at their level.

Great care is taken in the placement process to ensure steady and healthful advancement to each level.

Class level placement is determined by the student's demonstration of technical ability, physical, emotional strengths, and knowledge of the requirements of their level.



Classical Ballet: All ballet classes are based in the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet training. Emphasis is placed on correct technique, vocabulary & theories. Age & years of study does not ensure advancement to the next level. Students advance to the next level when they have achieved all requirements of current level.

Cecchetti Technical Exam classes: (Currently grades I through V) While not required, students who take CCA national examinations show marked improvement in dance abilities. Ballet exams are valuable for serious ballet students as they promote the development of strong technique, artistry, and quality of movement. The examining process gives each student a goal to work towards and allows them to achieve it. Achieving goals heightens self-esteem by allowing the dancer to graduate to the next level upon successful completion of the previous grade. The benefits of using a method which builds from one level to the next are important in developing a well-trained dancer.

Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Hip Hop & Free Style Breakdance: Development of technical skills, strength, flexibility, styles & stage performance. Use of space & gravity

Tap: Development of rhythm, style & timing. Strengthens and coordinates feet and ankles.

Figure Skater's Off Ice Dance Training: Designed for skaters off ice training. Development of technical skills for improving balance, jumps, turns, flexibility & artistic style.

Privates/semi-privates: One on one coaching provides additional training in techniques, choreography, and injury prevention.

 Stretch Class: Increased flexibility

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